Friday, 31 October 2014

Inspire your students...

'Even though the road for teachers can be a difficult one, its still worth it in the end when you can inspire your students to keep going and not give up...'

This quotes really touches  me today..
Oh no.. why suddenly dpt mood untuk update blog ptg ni???

This morning, ramai students Form3 came to see me at staffroom before they going back home.
Ada girls from 3IK yg dtg menangis-nangis la plak, tatau la nape sedih bebeno huhu..
 Dalam x sedar, in 3 years time, the bonding between us becomes closer.

Macam nk gelak je bila mengingatkan, when they were in Form1 (that was the first time I teach lower form), I really didnt know how to handle them. To be honest, I do not know how to handle kids.
x suke students yg nk manja2, nyendeng2 haha..

For almost 3 years I've been their Maths' coordinator, now I feel a lil bit sad.
And I really do love them all (batch Form 3 2014 - 121 generation), especially 3 IK.

3 Ibnu Khaldun.
3 Al-Haizam

These 3 students (Pian, Haziq, & Adib) - pelajar yang 'nakal' , suke buat lawak entah pape dalam kelas, but they really perform in Maths. Blaja sungguh2, melawak sungguh2, gelak sungguh2. So, I don mind, never disappointed me. Actually, I jz take over their class for this year.

They really love to disturb me at staffroom haihh.. At first, rimas & serabut jugak, but then they really cherish my days...

From left: Haziq Fazlin, Adib Haziq, Suffian Khir

Pian, Haziq, Adib, & Nasrulhaq

My Dear 2 Al-Faraby 2014

Today, I received a simple card, but really special from my dear 2 Al-Faraby :)

So sweet ...

The card and their request from me today really touch my heart :)
Today, we had our last class. I might not teach them again for next year.

For almost 2 years with them, so many things happened huhu...
~~ Teacher Yana yang pernah koyakkan buku and siap kena baling hohoho.. (sooo cruel I think..)
~~Teacher Yana yang very strict , cold, and sangat susah nak senyum haha...
(That's why some of them hv tried to write a letter to me, asked me to smile, be more friendly, being their friend, and.... asked me for not to be a fierce teacher huhuhu... )

The kids are so funny and as time goes by, they well behave, and I do love them :)

2 Al-Faraby 2014
From left: Ahmad, Akhram, ImNash, Ir, Ayad, Nuk, Ziad, Anwar, Kimi, ImPres, Nafie, Alif, Zafier, Shahzleen, Afiqah, 'Aina, Atikah, Aimi, Ira, Almeera, and Maisarah.
(2 missing: Haikal & Aireen)